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Have fun out on the courseFirst time spectator at a golf tournament, and a little out of your comfort zone?

The key at a tournament is not to disturb the players or other spectators. We’ve put together a list of do’s and don’ts to put you at ease.


  • Be quiet when play is in progress – so turn the cell phone ringtone off.
  • Applaud a good shot, but in a discreet manner – leave the vuvuzela at home.
  • Keep still while the golfers are taking their shots – Mexican waves are not appreciated.
  • Find out what the local rules of the club are.
  • Wear appropriate clothing, takkies or spike-less golf shoes will do – stilettoes are probably not such a good idea.


  • Take photographs while golfers are taking their shots – paparazzi behaviour is frowned upon.
  • Offer players advice – unless you’re being paid for it.
  • Ask for autographs from players who are still playing.
  • Move from the tee while the golfers are putting out.

Enjoy the experience!