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candiPartners programme and Lifestyle sponsor

While the professional golfers are busy on the Pretoria Country Club course, the City of Tshwane has set up a programme for their partners.

These events – which give our visitors a different view of our city and its people – are important in creating an awareness of the City of Tshwane’s social awareness campaigns and allows for the City and its visitors to make a contribution to communities in need.

This year the partners will visit the Gaabo Motho Cultural Village in Hebron, where they will experience the culture of village life.

While there the visitors will also get the opportunity to cook with Lorna & Friends.

Cooking with Lorna & Friends


Television personality Lorna Maseko-Lukhele is best known for her work on lifestyle programme Top Billing. The former ballerina runs her own events and lifestyle management company and is passionate about cooking, becoming a finalist in the first Celebrity Masterchef South Africa in 2015.

She also hosts regular sessions called Cooking with Lorna & Friends, where guests get together to learn recipes and share a love of fun and fine food.

In her own words:

“Cooking with Lorna & Friends started from my passion for cooking. I didn’t enjoy going to cooking lessons because I’m a practical person and learn best when I’m actually doing something. I therefore created an interactive cooking experience that was very hands-on.

Cooking with Lorna & Friends aims to recapture and ignite a passion for cooking, increase people’s knowledge and love of food, and inspire them to explore in their very own kitchens.

The cooking experience is designed to build confidence and demonstrate that good home cooking and entertaining can be a fun, relaxing experience that anyone regardless of experience can enjoy.

Each guest has a basic cooking station and are taught a recipe by myself – it may be a starter, main or dessert. What's fun is that this is all interactive, unlike a normal cooking lesson where guests are just listening; here they get to cook. The main course is a cook-off where guests get a number of ingredients and sometimes a recipe and they cook a dish of their choice. It’s enormous fun, with some friendly competition.

What I love is that all the food that the guests cook goes to which is really beautiful to see when we deliver the food to the kids.”

View some of the fun from the 2015 Cooking with Lorna & Friends day